The smarter way to own your second home

Wecasa's modern approach to second home ownership lets you sell 50% of your home to a co-owner. Now you can unlock your equity and reduce your costs while continuing to make memories with your family.
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Sell 50% of your home
with Wecasa

Unlock your equity

Do you use your home 50% of the time or less? Now you can cash out on the unused portion of your home and continue to use it as much as you would anyway.

Reduce your expenses

With rising interest rates and inflation, owning a second home has never been more costly. Share expenses with your co-owner and drastically cut your monthly costs.

Eliminate the hassle

We handle everything you don’t want to, including insurance and taxes, paying bills, repairs, maintenance, and more. Your job is to relax - we handle the rest.

Simplifying Co-ownership

The Wecasa App

We deal with the endless hassles of second home ownership, you deal with a simple app. Just schedule your dates and start enjoying your home and we will manage the expenses, legal headaches and disruptive maintenance.