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Frequently asked questions

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How is co-owning a home with wecasa different from a timeshare?

There are many differences between wecasa and the traditional timeshare model, but some of the key differences are:

You own the home: You share ownership of the home, and can sell your ownership interest and receive the benefit of any appreciation in value. With timeshares, you typically own the right to use the property for a specific period of time. Since you don’t share in ownership of the property and the market is often saturated, timeshares can be difficult to sell and consequently may depreciate.

Luxury homes: Timeshares are known for pushing low quality spaces (read: hotel rooms). Each wecasa is a distinct luxury home with modern design and luxury features that make it a distinctive (not cookie cutter) experience.

Exclusivity: Your home is only accessible to you, your co-owners (a maximum of 8), and your guests and rental is not permitted. Timeshare properties are typically shared between a much larger number of people and are swapped and rented throughout the year - we’re committed to the safety, protection and privacy of your home.

Modern experience: wecasa is uncompromisingly committed to an effortless, luxurious experience for you when it comes to purchasing, enjoying, and selling your ownership interest. wecasa owners use our simple app for booking, customer service, and accessing the home, which enables a flexible and convenient co-ownership experience that’s unmatched by timeshares.

How many days/trips can I book?

wecasa owners can expect to access their home for 6+ weeks per year for each 1/8 interest they own. As a wecasa owner, you are entitled to reserve up to 6 stays per 1/8th ownership in a wecasa home at any point in time up to 24 months in advance. Stays booked within 30-days from the time of booking do not count towards the 6 stay maximum. These are classified as “short notice stays” and there is no limit to the number of short notice stays you can book.

What are my options for financing?

wecasa is in the process of developing an option that will allow qualified purchasers to take advantage of financing arranged through wecasa. Please contact us for more details on financing options.

Who manages the home?

wecasa oversees property management and all of the legal aspects of owning the property. This allows us to maintain a consistent level of service and quality assurance and is part of our commitment to removing all of the hassle from vacation home co-ownership.

What services are included in wecasa ownership?

wecasa ownership is a full service ownership experience.
Our services include:
• Access to the wecasa App to provide a seamless digital experience to owners
• Managing all monthly expenses and taxes, processing payments and providing statements through the App
• Conducting legal admin and resolving any disputes between the owners• Contracting and overseeing Property Managers
• Providing tax forms and handling property tax payments
• All maintenance, cleaning, landscaping, pool maintenance and any necessary services

How do I sell my wecasa ownership?

Following a minimum one year of wecasa ownership, you can sell through our straightforward process. Working with licensed agents, we will provide you with a market assessment and recommend a fair market price. As the wecasa owner, you have the final say on the listing price and we will work with licensed agents to help you list it and find a buyer. We’re committed to supporting you in realising gains from the home if the home appreciates.