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Introduce your client to Wecasa and give them a smarter and more enjoyable way to own a second home for a fraction of the price. We work alongside you to guide your clients through the entire selling or buying process.
The grand entrance of a house, in black and white
A living room and kitchen attached, in black and white
A villa with lots of seating and a fireplace, in black and white

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Wecasa gives you a brand new product to sell your clients - unlocking a whole new revenue stream for your business. We offer an unparalleled buying and ownership experience that uses technology to make owning and scheduling frictionless.

Refer Sellers

Our solution also lets owners of under-utilized second homes sell a partial interest - allowing them to unlock equity while maintaining use of the property. So you can offer your clients a brand new way to sell that allows them to cash out while continuing to enjoy their home.

Boost commissions

Our more accessible real estate product will enable deals that might otherwise be economically challenging. Furthermore, there may be an entirely untapped pool of second homeowners who would gladly sell half their homes but until today haven’t known it was an option.
A light and airy, modern kitchen

Delight your clients

Help your clients re-sell their vacation home interests in the future when they're ready for their next adventure, or help them to expand the property portfolio as they realize they can own multiple properties for the price of one.
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