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Introduce your client to wecasa and help them co-own a luxury vacation home for a fraction of the price. You can earn commissions for every referred buyer who becomes a wecasa owner. We work alongside you to guide your clients through the entire buying process.
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wecasa gives you a brand new product to sell your clients - unlocking a whole new revenue stream for your business.

We offer an unparalleled buying and ownership experience that uses technology to make owning and scheduling frictionless.

Our realtor partners earn 1.5-2.5% for every referred buyer who becomes a wecasa owner, which means you can collect up to 8 commissions on a single property.
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Refer Sellers

We partner with top realtors to purchase luxury vacation homes in the most desirable locations. wecasa can be a repeat purchaser of your luxury listings, enabling you to boost your commissions and delight your clients.

Our solution also lets owners of under-utilized second homes sell a partial interest - allowing them to unlock equity while maintaining use of the property. So you can offer your clients a brand new way to sell that allows them to cash out while continuing to enjoy their updated and fully managed home.
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Boost commissions

There are multiple ways to partner with wecasa to grow your commissions. Introduce buyers and collect a 1.5-2.5% commission when they become wecasa owners, or earn commissions for helping your clients sell to wecasa.
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Minimize friction

Introduce us to your clients and let us assist with guiding your clients through the purchasing process. We can support with scheduling tours, Q&A, providing the legal paperwork, and more - a superior buying and co-ownership experience for your client - while you earn your commission.
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Earn clients for life

With our luxury buyer experience, your clients will be eager to continue working with you. From welcome gift packages for purchasers including local art and fine wine to a meticulous full service model - we offer your clients an unparalleled experience.
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Sell your listings faster

We're looking for elevated and unique luxury home listings. wecasa can be a go-to purchaser of your high end listings, enabling you to sell more homes, faster.
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