Buying process
How is co-owning a home with wecasa different from a timeshare? 
How are co-owners approved?
Who handles interior design and furnishing?
Scheduling stays
How many days/trips can I book?
How do I schedule my stays?
What are the holiday dates?
What if I can't book the holiday date I want?
Can I book back-to-back stays?
What if I need to cancel a booking?
What are my options for financing?
How do I make my monthly payments?
Who manages the home?
What service are included in wecasa ownership?
What decisions can wecasa make on behalf of the co-owners?
Can I rent on Airbnb?
What other policies do I need to be aware of as a wecasa owner?
Are pets allowed?
Can I keep personal belongings in the home?
Who handles taxes?
Who is responsible for damage?
Maintenance and costs
How do operating costs work?
How are monthly operating costs determined?
Can I sell my ownership interest?
What are the costs associated with selling my wecasa ownership interest?
Can the value of my wecasa ownership increase if the value of the home appreciates?
How long will it take to sell my wecasa ownership?