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Possible homes are whole home listings that meet wecasa’s highly selective criteria: epic homes in amazing locations.
7 beds | 7.5 baths

square feet
Listing Agent
Joel O'Reilly


We’re excited to introduce you to the Hibbs family vacation home, currently being styled by Monika Hibbs herself. Hibbson’s is nestled on the ocean in Gibsons atop a cliff, with expansive ocean views and a trail leading to the ocean front. Hibbsons is a brand new, impeccably designed, luxury getaway ideal for families in a gated community. It boasts high end finishings, a beautiful 20x40 foot heated pool, hot-tub and jaw-dropping ocean views. The property features an owner’s suite on the main floor with 4 bedrooms upstairs, each featuring king beds and personal ensuites, private balconies and ocean views. The lower floor includes a media room, a bunk room that sleeps 6, an additional bedroom, and a large entertainment area. The private gym sits on the garage and hosts a Peloton and other workout equipment for your stay. The outdoor patio has a wood burning fireplace and ceiling heat lamps, making this property perfect for year-round use. Your new dream vacation home is a 10-minute drive from the ferry and 15 minutes to downtown Gibsons. wecasa has partnered with local Interior Design enthusiast & Lifestyle expert Monika Hibbs, to deliver an impeccably curated and distinct west coast experience. Monika is focusing on elevated luxury as she styles and furnishes the Hibbsons home. Design updates, renderings and full design plan is available upon request.

Home features

Luxury 20 x 40 foot heated pool
7 bedrooms | 7 bathrooms
Hot tub with ocean views
Sleeps 16
Indoor & outdoor fireplace
Outdoor kitchen & wine fridge
Gym with Peloton

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Closing/Tax: Legal fees, property transfer tax, appraisal fees, and bank fees.
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Total 1/8 ownership

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Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast, BC
In beautiful Gibsons, BC
This entire home is listed by
Joel O'Reilly
an independent licensed real estate agent. This is an illustrative fractional interest purchase price, based on the current property listing price. The actual price of a fractional interest would be dependent on the acquisition cost of the property and associated costs. This is not an offer to purchase a fractional interest in this property at the illustrative purchase price or otherwise.
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Ready to own your dream vacation home? •
Ready to own your dream vacation home? •
Ready to own your dream vacation home? •
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