You enjoy
ownership, we do everything else
WeCasa’s simplified co-ownership model lets you enjoy your dream second home for a fraction of the price. Our team manages your property so you can minimize onerous tasks and maximize leisure time.
Own Your Happy Place
Luxury homes
Browse luxury homes in top Canadian and US destinations, then let our team and partner real estate agents guide you through the entire buying process
Flexible financing
Get approved for financing through wecasa’s partner banks. You can also arrange your own financing or pay with cash. We make the financing process as frictionless as possible.
Equitable scheduling
Start enjoying your home with your loved ones right away! Use our app to book your stay and we’ll take care of the details. Questions? Our 24/7 chat is available through the app to help with whatever you need.
Modern furnishing and decor
All of the wecasa homes are beautifully designed and thoughtfully furnished to fit their unique location. We partner with local interior designers, developers, artists and more to elevate your space. You can be assured decor will be stylish,tech will be modern, and the kitchen will have everything you need.
No fuss management and maintenance
We handle everything you don’t want to, including insurance and taxes, bill payments, landscaping, pool maintenance, repairs, and more. Your job is to relax - we handle the rest.
Simple exits
Selling your share in a wecasa home is simple. You set the price and in partnership with real estate agents, we will list your share of the property on our website and help you find a buyer through our partner real estate agents. If the home has appreciated, our goal is to support you in getting a return on your investment.
All the benefits with none of the hassle
wecasa’s  co-ownership model allows for effortless leisure and financial sensibility, offering an accessible way for you to have luxury experiences with your loved ones whenever you choose. We’re here to help you own your happy place.
The benefits
Owning With WeCasa
Resort timeshare
Entire vacation home
Renting a vacation home
Luxury that’s affordable
Thoughtfully-designed and equipped
Professionally cleaned before each visit
Ongoing access vs. fixed week(s)
Ongoing management and maintenance
Sell with potential appreciation
A modern experience
We deal with the endless hassles of second home ownership, you deal with an easy-to-use app. Just schedule your dates and start enjoying your home and leave the expenses, legal headaches, and ongoing maintenance to us.
Ready to own your dream vacation home? •
Ready to own your dream vacation home? •
Ready to own your dream vacation home? •
Ready to own your dream vacation home? •
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