Sell half your home, keep making memories

Wecasa's modern co-ownership model lets you enjoy all of the benefits of owning a second home for a fraction of the cost and none of the headache.
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Our services

Wecasa helps you get the most out of your second home. Our model is simpler, more financially responsible, and more enjoyable than whole home ownership.

Property listing

Once your home has been approved for Wecasa, we provide you and your agent with everything you need to list your property for 50% ownership. You can choose your own agent, or we can connect you with one of our agent partners with expertise on the Wecasa model.

Co-owner vetting

All prospective co-owners complete our pre-screening questionnaire and online background checks to verify suitability. If a co-owner defaults or violates the Use Protocol, Wecasa will step in and take necessary action on behalf of the co-owner group.

Legal services

Once you've received an accepted offer, Wecasa sets up a Limited Partnership for you and your new co-owner. Wecasa provides and administers all the agreements you need for hassle free co-ownership and handles any issues or disputes that may arise. You only need to deal with us.

Financing & payments

Wecasa facilitates re-financing for you and your co-owner through our partner banks.

Your monthly operating expenses will be automatically processed securely by Wecasa and our partner banks so you don't need to worry about bills and payments - we have it covered.

Full service management

We oversee the day-to-day detail of managing the property on behalf of you and your co-owner. We handle cleaners, winterizing your home, maintenance, pools, and more. This allows us to maintain a consistent level of service and quality assurance and is part of our commitment to removing all of the hassles from second home ownership.

Simple resale

Ready to move on? Wecasa and its agent partners can help you sell your 50% ownership. Simply list with your agent or one of our partner agents and we will facilitate the vetting and onboarding of the new owner.
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Simplifying Co-ownership

The Wecasa App

We deal with the endless hassles of second home ownership, you deal with a simple app. Just schedule your dates and start enjoying your home and we will manage the expenses, legal headaches and disruptive maintenance.